IFR/IFD – implement the new prudential regime for investment firms with Single Rulebook

Wim Nelen

CEO & Co-Founder

Author: Wim Nelen

The EU has adopted a new harmonised prudential regime that will apply to all investment firms authorised in the EU from June 2021. The new Investment Firm Regulation (IFR) and Investment Firm Directive (IFD) will require investment firms to introduce new capital, consolidation, governance, remuneration and reporting requirements.

Firms need to act now to prepare for the application of the new regime. This is the ideal point in time to embed a sustainable digital way of working with regulation.

Analysis and interpretation

IFR / IFD is full of rule references and definitions. Each of them can really change your interpretation. Single Rulebook makes it easy to see all rule references and definitions with a single click. It also provides interactive visualisations of rule relationships between the different levels of regulation and a powerful search engine. This will significantly speed up your analysis and interpretation of the regulation.

Knowledge management and integration

When you’ve considered, scoped and interpreted all the rules, we offer the tooling to maintain and share that knowledge with a full audit trail of implementation, in context. This is the piece that is typically missing in implementation projects. Single Rulebook gives this to you. For no extra work and saving you time. You and your colleagues present and future will have a complete audit trail of how the firm arrived at its implementation of the regulation.

The traceability of implementation decisions can remain within Single Rulebook’s intuitive user interface or can be integrated with your policies, systems and controls. No coding required. Full integration offers many efficiencies such as enabling data lineage between your policies and procedures and the regulation, or between your capital calculation engine and the implementation audit trial of the regulation.

Customised alerts, instant reg change impact analysis

The publication of further details, tweaks, EBA Q&A and other guidance with respect to IFR / IFD is inevitable and will not be limited to the implementation period. Rule and guidance changes will continue to happen to some extent as long as IFR / IFD continues to apply to you. Single Rulebook customises reg change alerts to your context and preferences. When your implementation project is hosted by Single Rulebook, you will be instantly aware of relevant changes in regulation and you will instantly know what impact they have on your firm.

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