Exchange Rulebooks

The challenge

Exchange Rulebooks are regularly updated to reflect new compliance policies, regulations, processes and products with each Exchange structuring their rulebook differently and no common format. As a result, exchange rulebooks can become difficult to follow and front office staff can often find themselves working with versions that are out of date. In addition, these teams need to quickly know what has been updated and what changes are required at the firm level as a result. Similarly, for Legal and Compliance departments, manually maintaining many different exchange rulebooks in different formats can be problematic and time consuming.


Single Rulebook hosts rulebooks for five leading UK, EU and US exchanges, including CME, Eurex, Euronext, ICE Futures Europe and the London Metal Exchange. The rulebooks are provided in a common, easy to navigate format with searchable rules. Head of Execution Desks and Business Managers, as well as Legal and Compliance departments can launch a single search on one topic across multiple exchange rulebooks as well as use the platform to match and compare corresponding exchange rules and link them back to the underlying regulation.

Key Benefits

  • One source for the leading five US, UK and EU exchange rulebooks
  • Automatically updated and maintained
  • Search one topic across all rulebooks simultaneously
  • Functionality to match and compare rules across exchanges

If you would like to know how Single Rulebook can consolidate your regulatory workflow and save you time and cost, please get in touch.